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Living as a retiree in El Valle de Anton is possible! just keep reading

Living as a retiree in El Valle de Antón could be amazing

Because Anton Valley (El valle de Anton) is one of the most beautiful places in Panama for those looking to live in a mountain house.
The most curious thing about this place is the fact it is located inside the crater of an inactive volcano, which means that its soil is full of volcanic minerals.
It is only 120 kilometers from Panama City and to reach it you must climb 600 meters above sea level.

Weather in El Valle de Anton

Average Temperature 72°F – 26°C

Living as a retiree in El valle de Anton is easy because the weather is colder than in the rest of Panama and the beach areas, it is generally between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius which makes it similar to an eternal spring.

The town is small and getting to the downtown area from any point can take less than 10 minutes by car or bicycle.

In the downtown you will find the municipal market, a picturesque place where you will find fruits and vegetables that come from the farm to your hands and have been cultivated in the fertile lands of the place by the local farmers.

It is a quiet town, with very little noise all day, there are tourist attractions in the area and they are open from 8 am to 4 pm and are visited mostly on weekends.

It is the dream of those who want to live away from the noisy civilization where you will only hear the wind and the sounds of the animals that live in the area.

The Anton Valley is surrounded by a green lung where you can always breathe fresh air so Living as a retiree in El valle de Anton is a dream.

Being surrounded by so much nature you can do special activities such as hiking through nature trails or venture to climb mountains like the sleeping Indian, bathe in waterfalls like the Chorro El Macho, follow bike routes through the village and mountains, horseback riding or just enjoy the miraculous and healing volcanic hot springs of the place.

Hots Springs in El valle de Anton

Being located inside the crater of a volcano, there is no doubt that we could find hot springs in this place.
I recommend going to the hot springs wells located at the end of town where for a small entrance fee you can immerse yourself in pools created by the locals that are filled with water full of minerals that come from the volcanic subsoil of the Anton Valley.

So if you plan living as a retiree in El valle de Anton will be living on an amazing place.

India Dormida in El valle de Anton

In the serene landscapes of El Valle de Anton, Panama, lies the legend of “India Dormida,” or Sleeping Indian.

It tells the story of a beautiful indigenous maiden whose love for a warrior from a rival tribe ended tragically.

Heartbroken, she sought solace in the valley and was granted eternal slumber by the gods. Today, the silhouette of a sleeping woman etched into the mountain ridge serves as a poignant reminder of love’s enduring power and the beauty of eternal rest.

Read the full story of the sleeping indian by clicking on this link

Cost of Living in El valle de Anton

Living as a retiree in El valle de Anton is not cheap because it is a privileged place, so getting a property for sale or rent can be expensive if you compare it to other towns in the interior of the country.

For example, in 2024 when we shot this video in the Anton Valley you can rent a house from $1200 per month and buy a house from $198,000 per month, however most of the properties in the Valley are luxurious so you can probably pay a little more than these values if you like them.

However, when compared to similar properties in the best places to live in the USA or Canada these properties here are a great deal.

Considering that Panama is safe, with a stable climate all year round and a lower cost of living than the USA and Canada, with the kindness of a loving culture and rich in traditions, Panama is a deal.If you want to come to Panama to get to know it or are considering it as an option to live I can help you answer your questions and concerns.

Planning to Living as a retiree in El valle de Anton?

Living as a retiree in El Valle de Anton

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